September began my second month trying to exist after I quit my job at the end of July. It started off strong with me performing as part of “The Cavern Club” in Cilla The Musical at The Lowry Theatre in Salford. It was a fantastic experience. To see how a production of that size operates and […]

The Breakup

She opened the bathroom door. “I’m leaving you.” “Oh, where are you going?” “No. I’m leaving you.” “What?” “I’m leaving you.” “You’re… you’re leaving me?” “Yes.” “You’re leaving me?” “Yes. I’m leaving you.” “You’re leaving ME?” “Ye-” “Fuck you.” “Not anymore.” “I’m leaving YOU.” “Fine.” “What?” “Fine. Whatever gets it done.” “Fine. Get out then.” […]

The Quiz That Came From Space Returns

Quizes are good aren’t they? Testing your knowledge against your peers. Knowing the answers. Showing them that yes, you’re worth something to this friendship group. They have to keep inviting you to things now. Because you’re the one who helps them quiz. When the end of the world is upon us, when the internet is […]